World Fiddle Day Toronto 2017



Amely Zhou @ World Fiddle Day Toronto 2017


Chosen by Toronto’s 2017 World Fiddle Day which takes place Saturday May 20 at the Aga Khan Museum, Amely Zhou will be hosting Chinese erhu workshops and be part of evening concert as featured Canadian erhu artist. She will be presenting different types of huqin including banhu, gaohu and erhu through a line-up of carefully selected repertories.


Featured instruments and Their Concert Programs:


Banhu 板胡 – The Crescent Moon at Midnight 月芽五更
Gaohu 高胡 – Birds towards Forests 鸟投林
Erhu 二胡 – Moon Reflected on Erquan 二泉映月
Erhu 二胡 – Charm of the Tropical Island 椰岛风情
Erhu 二胡 – Galloping War Horses 战马奔腾


As annual event, The World Fiddle Day is to celebrate bowed string instruments of all musical traditions, not just the music made by the globally dominant violin family. Its mission is to provide opportunities for string players of all backgrounds to come together, learn from some of the best and create magnificent music. Now in its fifth year, this upcoming World Fiddle Day is gearing up for its largest gathering of bowed string instruments to date, with its usual focus of celebrating Canadian and Global traditions.

The workshop will start at 10am, and the evening concert will start at 7pm. The concert is also part of the 15th Annual Small World Asian Music Series. Go and check it out here.

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