New Music – Query, Fear, Hate, Struggle, and Free



Query, Fear, Hate, Struggle, and Free


A New Music Collaboration by Amely and Xingtong

“An electroacoustic piece to create an environment where a relationship is growing: something invisible but clear”


This collaboration project first started when the composer Xintong Wang had an idea to find an unique sound for her electronic music project. Through professor Chan Ka Nin from University of Toronto, Xintong has made contact with Amely. In the early stage of the project, Xintong and Amely were brain storming for different sounds that the erhu could possibly make. Together, they had the first sample recording session and these materials were later edited and mastered to become five movements: Query, Fear, Hate, Struggle, and Free. On top of these five tracks, Xintong has composed the acoustic erhu part to make the piece a whole.




Xintong’s notes on this piece: “my idea was to create an environment where the relationship is coherent and growing: sometimes in harmony but sometimes distinctive from one another. By using different editing techniques and sound effects, I tried to depict different inner conflicts. While I was working with the raw sample erhu sounds, I have already been thinking about the acoustic part to be played with the tracks.”


Amely’s thoughts: “when I first heard about this project, I was fully supportive. The end result is mind blowing. The experience is like watching a movie with storyline going up and down, which is filled with lots of unexpected surprises. You will really recognize the differences between each movement. Xintong has also explored and experienced with different techniques. For example, the third movement Hate explores a new erhu technique double stop ricochet. This is worth a mention because this technique has never been used before, not that I know of. It is been very fun for me to learn this piece and to experience the sounds of erhu in an unique way, hope to see you at the concert!”


Soundtrack Sneak Peak

Preview of Movement I – “Query” and Movement II – “Fear”


Live Performance Information


Concert I

“It is Time”

7:00 PM - November 12th,2015

@ Robert Gill Theatre, University of Toronto
100 St George St, Toronto, ON M5S 2E5

Free Admission


Concert II

“New Music Festival”

2:30 PM - January 31st, 2016

@ Walter Hall, University of Toronto
80 Queens Park, Toronto, ON M5S 2C5

Free Admission


Composer’s Biography


Xintong Wang




Xintong Wang was born in China and she is studying Master of Music in Composition at University of Toronto under the guidance of Christos Hatzis. Previously, she received her Bachelor degree in Composition at Central Conservatory of Music.


Her compositions have been performed by such ensembles as the China Youth Symphony Orchestra, Zafraan ensemble and so forth. On May 30, 2008, she was awarded the third Palatino Award for her duet Zhuan. In September of 2012, her First Symphony has been performed at Beijing Concert Hall. On December of 2012, she was commissioned by the Beijing International Composition Workshop to compose a quartet for violin, viola, Guzheng and Sheng that was premiered in July of 2013. Later in February of 2015, Her string quintet was performed in 2015 University of Toronto New Music Festival 2014-2015 season of events. In June of 2015, she was selected to participate in Class Axe Guitar Composition workshop. On July of 2015, she was invited to write a piece for Toy Piano Composers Ensemble+ voice. From October of 2015, she is being selected for the 2015/16 Composer-In-Residence position collaborating with the University of Toronto Symphony Orchestra.