Amely's Erhu Students


Learning erhu is more than learning the instrument itself. It is also about learning culture, creativity and discipline, as well as, most importantly, cultivating a heart for beautiful music. A good teacher knows how to motivate and encourage the students, and at the same time keep high expectations for students to improve. I organize my lessons to work with different age groups and individuals. My teaching experiences show me that people learn differently, and this is the fun part about teaching. I look for alternative perspectives to explain or demonstrate myself. Overall, a focused mind and an active brain will bring out fully the benefits of the lesson being taught.


Lessons are taught in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.


Two types of lessons offered:


Private Lesson (One on One)

I teach private lessons at a few locations around the Greater Toronto Area.


Group Lesson (More than Four Persons)

If you are looking for a group learning environment, I teach at the following institutions/organizations:

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What to bring to lesson:


  1. Erhu - For beginner students, you will need to find a source to purchase your instrument if you don’t already own one. A beginner erhu will probably cost about CAN$300 to $600. One of the best ways to select an erhu is to find someone who knows how to play erhu to play the instrument for you, so you can hear the sounds of the instrument.If you need help or have any questions, please email: amelyzhou@outlook.com
  2. Erhu Books - You can get any conservatory erhu books to start with or books with lots of tunes. Usually as you progress, you will need more books to work with because we will be working on more different techniques and repertoires.
  3. Notebook – A notebook is needed for recording learning materials and lesson progress.