A Journey into the Love of Erhu

A Journey into the Love of Erhu 胡情之旅

Amely Zhou’s Inaugural Erhu Concert – October 5th, 2014

A Journey into the Love of Erhu

Amely Zhou, a young and emerging Toronto musician, is launching her music career with a solo erhu concert at York University Tribute Community Recital Hall on October 5th, 2014.


The concert will feature both traditional and contemporary erhu pieces, including:

- “Three variations on the Yang Pass” (阳关三叠);

- “The birds’ return to the forest” (鸟投林);

- “Dance of the Amis Tribe” (阿美族舞曲); as well as

- new compositions by Taiwanese composer Yunsong Gao and Canadian composer Matthew Van Driel.

A variety of ensemble formats will be showcased, including the Cantonese quintet (五架头) and orchestral accompaniment by the Toronto Chinese Orchestra.


Join us for a memorable journey into the love of erhu. Support your local artist. Enjoy the exchange of cultures and music.



Main Floor:    $23

Balcony:        $15

You can order your tickets online using York University ticket portal: