Chinese Indian Fusion



 Chinese Indian Classical Fusion


On this coming July 19th, Amely is collaborating with an Canadian Indian artist Neeraj Prem on the Sitar. The concert will feature a fusion style of music from India and Chinese. These two artists will be bringing their own culture into a unified product by collaborating and creating new music.

Neeraj Prem is often described as a painter of the Sitar, weaving musical images in the air with his dense, mystic and technically perfect playing. The remarkably fresh music originating from the ‘canvas’ is attested to by his immense popularity among music lovers.  He is a composer who has mastered both classical techniques and adroit improvisation.

Come and join this concert, you will not only hear the uniqueness in each of their culture, but also hear them in a combination is innovative and creative!

Thanks to SIQI Toronto for hosting this concert, and proceeds will go to support Shaolin Luohan Foundation.


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